November 2014 Happy Holiday’s

KLM Engineering is our sister company and is a full service general engineering contractor specializing in all types of drilling and shoring, including sheet pile, beam and plate/lagging, soil nailing and deep excavation. At KLM Engineering we’ve been providing demolition, grading, and shoring services in Southern California for 25 years. Our services include building and interior demolition, deconstruction, mass excavation, hillside repairs, shoring, import and export.

Our Freedirtla allows us to move dirt on and off our projects. We work in The South Bay area, if you need dirt close to one of our sites we will deliver free of charge. All of our dirt off our jobs has been tested and has a soils report.

1050cy ready now at 629 6th st Manhattan Beach

If you need dirt Call or email us…

310-372-1091 Kent Mckeown